• SONG & MUSIC VIDEO (4 min)

  • Comprehensive manual for Human Rights Education with functional tasks. The manual is written in over 30 different languages.

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  • Manual on gender and gender based violence affecting young people. It is a good resource for working on these issues affecting young people, with young people. 

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  • WWF: facts, tasks and handicraft-guides about endangered species all over the world.

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  • A guide will give an idea of what grassroots comics are and how they can be used in development communication in a wide variety of information campaigns.

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  • Video (5 min, English/French). In 2015 Finland welcomed 32,000 asylum seekers. For a small country of 5.5 million inhabitants this influx of people is considerable and a shock for some.

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  • Englanninkielinen peli, joka havainnollistaa yksilön kulutusvalintojen suhdetta ihmisoikeuksiin.

  • The comic book tells 8 separate stories, set in different countries and cultural settings. All the stories are about making sure that all the people, no matter what their cultural, economic and social situation, can get the food they need. The right to food means that all people have the right to feed themselves and their families with dignity.


  • Read and learn about human rights!

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  • Exhibition opens bags of refugees. What did they take with them and what did they leave behind when they had to leave their home in a hurry?

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  • Experiences in storycrafting in development cooperation and global education

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